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Xue Group


Xue’s Group, March 2019

Alexandria N. Bone
Graduate Student
B.S., Maryville College

Brian A. Kettell
Graduate Student
B.S., Southern Illinois University

Duncan Moseley

Duncan Moseley
Graduate Student
B.S., Hendrix College

Clay Mings

Clay Mings
Graduate Student
B. S., Middle Tennessee State University

Peter Pham

Peter Pham
Graduate Student
B.S., Xavier University

Pagnareach Tin
Graduate Student
B.S., University of North Carolina at Asheville

Chelsea Widener

Chelsea Widener
Graduate Student
B.S. Wesleyan College

Previous Group Members

Ph.D. and MS Students

  1. Dr. Thomas Carpenter (teacher in a Phoenix, AZ, school)
  2. Dr. Sam Rosolina (Scientist at Microbial Insights, Inc.)
  3. Dr. Tabi Cook (Visiting Professor at Berry College)
  4. Dr. Seth Hunter (pharmaceutical industry)
  5. Dr. Jonathan Fong (Scientist at a pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services company in Wisconsin)
  6. Dr. Adam Lamb (Staff Scientist, Southwestern Research Institute)
  7. Dr. Bhavna Sharma (Staff Scientist, Intel Corp.)
  8. Dr. Stefanie Bragg (Science Teacher, William Blount High School)
  9. Dr. Julia Abbott (Education Program Manager at Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU))
  10. Dr. Clarissa Tatum (Eastman Chemical Co.)
  11. Dr. Liting Li (Armillare Co.)
  12. Dr. Lenore K. Hoyt (University of Louisville)
  13. Dr. Jonathan B. Diminnie (Olin Corporation)
  14. Dr. Leonardo R. Allain (Merck & Co.)
  15. Dr. Vivian Xiaozhan Liu (Texas Instruments)
  16. Dr. Jonathan S. Morrell (Department of Energy Y-12 National Security Complex)
  17. Dr. Mark C. Burleigh (Naval Research Laboratory)
  18. Dr. Hee-Jung Im (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
  19. Dr. Tianniu (Richard) Chen (Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.)
  20. Dr. T. Andrew Canada (Milliken Speciality Chemicals)
  21. Dr. Jamie R. Blanton (Project Leader, Evonik Degussa)
  22. Dr. Xianghua Bruce Yu (W R Grace Davison)
  23. Dr. Laurel A. Morton (Eastern Kentucky University)
  24. Dr. D. Lynn Rodman (Nexolve Corporation)
  25. Dr. He (Steve) Qiu (Headwaters Technology Innovation)
  26. Dr. Nathan A. Carrington (Roche)
  27. Dr. Kristie C. Armstrong (Scientific Analytical Institute)
  28. Dr. George H. Thomas (Fisk University)
  29. Dr. Brenda A. Dougan (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  30. Dr. Royce N. Dansby-Sparks (University of North Georgia)
  31. Terry L. Yost, Jr. (Tennessee Valley Authority)
  32. Bryan C. Fagan (Medical School, University of Arkansas)
  33. Cheri W. Clavier (East Tennessee State University)
  34. Kendhl Witt
  35. Roberto Federico Perez (Milestone Inc.)
  36. Shelby E. Stavretis (Schrödinger, LLC)
  37. Zhiming Liu

Faculty Researchers

  1. Prof. Laura E. Pence (University of Hartford)
  2. Prof. Joseph F. Sinski (Bellarmine College, KY)
  3. Prof. J. Morris Bramlett (University of Arkansas at Monticello, AR)
  4. Prof. Raj P. Sharma (Panjab University Chandigarh, India)

Undergraduate Students

  1. Steven Petarra, Undergraduate Student, University of Tennessee Knoxville
  2. Eric McAnly, Undergraduate Student, University of Tennessee Knoxville
  3. Luke Gallion, REU student
  4. Andrew Blanton, Knoxville Catholic High School (2007)
  5. Kimberly D. Culbertson, B.S., 2001, Undergraduate Research (2001), University of Tennessee
  6. Alicia C. Vogt, B.S., 2001, Summer Research (2000), Transylvania University
  7. Alicia M. Wiltz, B.S., 2000, Summer Research (1999), Southern University and A&M College
  8. Jamie N. Jones, B.S., 2000, Undergraduate Research (1998), University of Tennessee
  9. Keith T. Quisenberry, B.S., 1999, Summer Research (1998), Kentucky Wesleyan College
  10. Carol A. Shashaty, B.S., 1997, Undergraduate Research (1996-1997), University of Tennessee
  11. Elva A. Van Devender, B.S., 1997, Summer Research (1996), University of Richmond, VA
  12. Gregory A. Konin, B.S./M.S., 1999, Summer Research (1996), High College of Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
  13. Heather D. Hall, B.S., 1996, Summer Research (1995), Marietta College, OH
  14. Jonathan B. Diminnie, B.S., 1994, Summer Research (1993), Clemson University.

High School Students

  1. John Clark (Jefferson County High School, Summer 2016)
    Brooklyn Norman (Loudon High School, Summer 2016)
  2. Austin Baker (Jefferson County High School, Summer 2014)
  3. Lane Carr (Pigeon Forge High School, Summer 2014)

Postdocs and Visiting Scholars

  1. Dr. Ouyang Ruizhuo (Currently Associate Professor, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology)
  2. Dr. James Z. Wu
  3. Dr. Djawad Waezsada
  4. Dr. Frank H. Cai
  5. Dr. Ruitao Wang
  6. Dr. Yong Li
  7. Dr. Shujian Chen
  8. Dr. Jun Jin
  9. Dr. Maozhong Miao (Currently on faculty at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University)